May 2000 News

Kashmir militant groups maligning Kashmiri Cause: Amanullah

30 May 2000
The News International

Islamabad: Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Amanullah Khan has given three suggestions for a peaceful and political solution of Kashmir issue. Briefing political leaders, intellectuals and journalists on Tuesday about the latest situation of Jammu Kashmir, he said war and bilateral dialogue in the past have not proved helpful in resolving the issue and it is necessary to take steps, which give better results. He said only Kashmiri people can resolve this complicated issue easily, as they being the master of land should be allowed to decide their fate. His three suggestions are: First, intra-Kashmir dialogue among the leaders of Jammu and Kashmir belonging to all walks of life, under the supervision of Secretary-General of United Nations in any third country. This conference should discuss all possible solutions of the Kashmir issue and build a consensus. Second, the UN secretary-general should form an international Kashmir committee to make efforts to guide the governments of Pakistan and India and people of Pakistan to reach a consensus for the solution of Kashmir issue. All the divided parts of Kashmir should be united and then the people should be allowed to decide their future status. Third, if India disagrees with the first two suggestions then Pakistan should unite Gilgit, Baltistan and AJK and announce an independent state, forming a national government there to handle the state of affairs. He appealed to the UN secretary-general, the US and European countries and governments of Pakistan and India to implement these suggestions in order to save people in the region from further losses. He said Pakistan-based militant organisations are a big threat to the identity of Kashmir and have damaged the ongoing liberation movement. ''These organisations, besides damaging the Kashmir liberation movement, have damaged Pakistan''s image internationally and pasted a label of terrorist country on it,'' he said. Amanullah said the Kashmiris are fighting for their inalienable right to self-determination and as per UN Charter the world community is under obligation to provide them all help. But the presence of foreign militants has dubbed this liberation struggle as a terrorist movement, he said. He appealed to the people and political leaders of Pakistan and India to play their important role for the solution of the 52-year-old Kashmir issue. Otherwise, he added, this region is heading for a nuclear collision, which will destroy everything. He said Kashmir is the sole point of tension between India and Pakistan. Besides killing thousands of people during the past half a century, it has caused damages of trillions of rupees to both India and Pakistan, he said. It is the Kashmir issue which has converted this region into an ammunition dump and has jeopardised the fate of its entire population, he added. The JKLF chief said India wants to resolve the Kashmir issue by use of force, which is a big blunder and will cause havoc in the region. This Indian attitude is a threat to world peace and world community must force India to give up its adamant attitude, Amanullah said.


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