June 2000 News

Declare AK as sovereign, JKLF tells Pak

18 June 2000
JKLF Sweden

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front''s British Chapter working committee members, at a meeting in the city of Derby on 11 June, resolved to continue their struggle for a sovereign and reunified state of J&K. The members also called upon the government of Pakistan to recognize government of Azad Kashmir as a sovereign entity. The demand was made in a faxed statement issued by the JKLF''s British Chapter from London. Latif Malik, president of JKLF''s British Chapter, chaired the meeting, while members were apprised of the ongoing situation, including political nd diplomatic manoeuvrings, both in Kashmir and at international level concerning the Kashmir issue by JKLF''s head of diplomatic affairs, Zafar Khan. After lengthy deliberations on matters of importance, it was resolved that JKLF''s activists and its leadership had to shoulder a heavy national duty, and needed to double their efforts, in order to thwart all attempts and machinations for division of Kashmir and communalisation of Kashmir. The meeting called on the international community including the five permanent members of the UN Security Council not to entertain India''s application for permanent membership of the UN Security Council until people of Kashmir were given their sovereign right to unfettered self-determination. JKLF''s Working Committee called on the British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook to withdraw his offer of support for Indian application for permanent membership of the Security Council which he unconditionally promised during a recent official visit to India. The meeting reminded Cook that as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, United Kingdom was a party to Kashmir issue and had a duty to ensure resolution of the issue in accordance with the aspirations of Kashmiri people. The JKLF''s Working Committee therefore, considered Cook''s unconditional promise of support to India, inconsistent with UK''s obligations on Kashmir issue and to the people of Kashmir. The meeting totally rejected any bilateral negotiations on the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan or between India and Kashmiris but extended full support for tripartite negotiations which would include genuine representatives of the Kashmiri people. The meeting fully endorsed JKLF''s proposal for a Round Table Conference of Kashmiri leaders from all parts of Kashmir, and different political and religions backgrounds, which was put forward on 9th May at a press conference by JKLF''s Chairman Amanullah Khan, in order to elect a representative delegation to represent people of Kashmir in any tripartite dialogue over the future status of Kashmir. The meeting discussed continued incarceration of Kashmiri prisoners: Qayyum Raja and Muhammad Riaz, in British prisons, and called on the British Home Secretary to release them without further delay as they had already served the sentences which were awarded to them by the courts. The members, however, resolved to continue their support to the campaign for release of Qayyum Raja and Muhammad Riaz. The Working Committee of the JKLF''s British Chapter gave its full support to the aims and objectives of the Quami Mushawarti Council and hoped that this forum of pro-independent parties and organizations in Indian administered Kashmir will continue to take bold steps and provide leadership to the people for independence of Kashmir.


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