July 2000 News

Kashmiri youth also taking guns to get their women

2 July 2000
The Times of India
Yudhvir Rana

AMRITSAR: All is fair in the game of war and love. The Kashmiri youth, say interrogation reports of security forces, has not only taken the maxim literally, but also stretched it a bit too far. Several youngsters in the valley, unable to make the both ends meet and jilted by ''their women'', are falling prey to the headhunters across the border. Reports say, their objective is duel: to get back their women at the gunpoint and to make money. This new macabre face of transformed militancy in the valley was unveiled in the recent past, reportedly, by the militants arrested by security forces. According to sources, few Kashmiri youth after failing to win over their love tend to join some militant organisation, which is already there on the lookout for such frustrated youth. Women, incidentally, have always been a bone of contention between the Kashmiri militants and foreign mercenaries. Reportedly, the former have always felt hurt and betrayed since mercenaries who earn much more from the ISI have prevailed over the local women in several instances. Pakistan funds the militants, their Kashmiri counterparts provide them with food and shelter but it is the Kashmiri women who fell prey to the Afghan and Pak militants. Reportedly, in the past there have been violent clashes between the militants on this issue. It is learnt that Afghan and Pak mercenaries come here on a ''foreign posting'' for two years and are paid Rs 5,000 per month besides a lump sum amount of Rs 4 lakh, Rs two lakh for crossing the border and Rs two lakh when they go back after ''posting''. Compared to Pak-trained Kashmiri militants, who get Rs 2,000 per month, the foreign mercenaries enjoy other benefits also. The Kashmiri militants are not considered die-hard professional like Afghan and Pak militants.


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