August 2000 News

Jihad only solution to Kashmir

9 August 2000

ISLAMABAD: Jamaat-e-Islami Chief Qazi Hussain Ahmed has said that jihad is the only option to force India to accept the significance of the Kashmir dispurte. ''Jihad coupled with international diplomatic pressure is essential to persuade India to grant Kashmiri people their basic right of self-determination.'' Qazi told Voice of Germany. Commenting on Hizbul Mujahideens ceasefire offer to the Indian government, Qazi Hussain said that it shows that New Delhi is not willing to hold any kind of serious dialogue over Kashmir issue. He added that India is not ready to give the Kashmirs their basic right of self-determination. In fact, India wants to deceive the Kashmiris as well as the entire world. It failed to respond positively to Hizbl Mujahideens offer and even rejected it saying it would negotiate only within the framework of Indian constitution. ''I must remind you that according to the Indian constitution, Pakistans northern areas and Azad Kashmir are also integral parts of India therefore I think it was a big joke on Indias part to say that it will negotiate within the framework of its constitution alone.'' He said that the entire global community considers Kashmir as a dangerous flash point which threatens world peace. The future of two major nations rests on the resolution of this issue, which is the biggest hurdle in the way to improved relations between the two countries. The Indian government is not serious regarding the settlement of this dispute and it has once again proved that it is unwilling to make serious efforts for the resolution of Kashmir.


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