August 2000 News

Salahuddin Admits Mistake: Cease-Fire Announcement

21 August 2000
The Dawn
Tariq Naqash

MUZAFFARABAD: The supreme commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, Syed Salahuddin, has admitted his organization''s ''fault'' for not consulting the other Mujahideen groups before announcing the Cease-fire.But, he said, the decision had been taken for some particular reasons which he could not disclose.He was speaking at a function held under the aegis of the Kashmir committee of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) at a local hotel late Sunday night.It was Salahuddin''s first public appearance after his group''s truce offer to India on July 24 and its subsequent withdrawal on Aug 8.He said the cease-fire announcement had been made under an exceptional objective but in return they obtained several benefits.''I admit my fault for not consulting other Mujahideen groups for the cease-fire announcement. But due to some particular reasons which I cannot disclose we did so,'' he said.He said Kashmiris took up arms after waiting for 42 years for a peaceful solution to their issue through political and diplomatic means.However, India''s perpetual denial of their legitimate rights forced them to adopt the course of armed struggle, during which they had offered unmatched sacrifices, he said.He regretted that the Kashmiris had not received any external aid from any Muslim country during the last 11 years.''No one sent us even 11 cartridges, 11 grenades or 11 ounce explosive material over the last 11 years. Our youth used to carry themselves ammunition through the high altitude snow-covered mountains,'' he said and added that more than 30,000 Kashmiris had been killed and their bodies were still under the huge masses of snow.''The Muslim rulers are afraid of infidels and that''s why they are not taking any step to rescue their sisters in Kashmir,'' he said.However, he said Pakistan was the only supporter of the Kashmiris.The Hizb chief said India had agreed for a dialogue outside the purview of its constitution but when we insisted for inclusion of Pakistan, in the process it retracted.However, the time is coming when India will agree for the tripartite talks, he said.Speaking on the occasion, a leader of Harkatul Mujahideen, Maulana Abrar Hussain Haqqani, said the Muslims all over the world were facing atrocities and they must unite for jihad.He said the UN had been formed to divide the Muslims and they should not expect anything good from it. He called on the Muslim world to set up its own united nations. The chief of Jamiat Ahle Hadees, Azad Kashmir and member AJK Islamic Ideology Council Maulana Younas Ansari said Kashmir issue could be resolved through jihad.


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