August 2000 News

JKLF Seeks Clinton Help For Its Formula On Kashmir

22 August 2000

ISLAMABAD: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Tuesday called upon the US President to persuade Indian Prime Minister during his forthcoming visit to the United States to let the divided Kashmir be reunited and give full independence followed, 15 years later by a UN supervised referendum to determine its permanent status. In a letter sent to President Bill Clinton, Amanullah Khan, Chairman JKLF has said that Kashmir Issue, presently a nuclear flash-point could be changed into a guarantee for permanent peace and prosperity to South Asia if the heads of the government of India and Pakistan were persuaded to agree to JKLF Formula. The Formula, the letter said, could solve Kashmir Issue permanently without hurting the national egos of India and Pakistan, without harming their national ideologies and legitimate national interests, without further bloodshed, mass-migrations or communal-ethnic disturbances and on the basis of Kashmir peoples national aspirations. Explaining the formula, the JKLF Chairman said that it proposed re-unification and complete independence of the divided Jammu and Kashmir with a democratic, secular and federal system of government and having friendly relations with both India and Pakistan. 15 years later, there would be a UN supervised referendum to determine the permanent status of the State. The formula is proposed to be implemented by a committee representing international community with the help and cooperation of India, Pakistan and Kashmiri political parties. ''If President Clinton could persuade India to accept this solution of the issue, it would not be very difficult to persuade Pakistan to follow suit the letter said. It said that if the US President succeeded in persuading Vajpayee to accept this solution of Kashmir Issue, the feat would change the very course of history of the region inhabited by over one fifth of the humanity hence would immortalize Clinton and his Colleagues.


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