August 2000 News

Japan Asks Pakistan To Curb Terrorism

24 August 2000
The Hindu

New Delhi: Japan today said it had asked Pakistan to curb terrorism and create grounds which could lead to resumption of dialogue with India. ''A few days ago, I emphasised to General Pervez Musharraf, Chief Executive, the need to take steps for an early return to democracy, to control terrorism and to create an environment conducive to the resumption of dialogue with India,'' the Prime Minister, Mr. Yoshiro Mori, said in an address on ''India-Japan Global Partnership for the 21st Century'' here. Mr. Mori nearly blamed Pakistan directly for the Kargil war. ''In February last year, Prime Minister Vajpayee made a historic visit to Lahore... However, the fighting that broke out in Kargil after the visit betrayed Mr. Vajpayee''s good intentions, and we also deeply regretted it.'' Mr. Mori also condemned the continuing violence in Kashmir and said terrorist acts could not be condoned, ''no matter what the reasons are, and we roundly condemn terrorist acts in any form''. He acknowledged that terrorism had become a serious problem for India and expressed his sympathies over the massacre of innocents not only in Kashmir but other parts as well. He came down on the massacre of Amarnath pilgrims in Pahalgam, terming the series of killings attempts to derail the ''very positive move for putting an end to violence in Kashmir... under the leadership of Prime Minister Vajpayee''. At the same time, the Japanese leader urged India not to give up on discussing the outstanding issue. ''We must not abandon dialogue. Only through dialogue can you understand the other side and overcome conflicts through dialogue.''


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