August 2000 News

Terrorism Can''t Settle Issues: Annan

31 August 2000

New York: The United Nations Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan, has condemned terrorism as a means of settling issues and expressed the hope that the Indo-Pakistan situation would evolve positively for the resumption of talks between the two countries. In a meeting with the speaker of the Lok Sabha, Mr. GMC Balayogi, in New York Mr. Annan conveyed the UN''s perception of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. According to a statement issued by the speaker''s office from the UN, Mr. Annan said during the course of his meeting that people did not have to be killed for making a point and that he was aware of the factors leading to terrorism and violence in Jammu and Kashmir. Mr. Annan viewed New Delhi''s initiative for talks with militants in Jammu and Kashmir as an encouraging development and expressed concern over the way the Lahore initiative by India was undone by developments in the region. He reiterated that bilateral discussion was the best way to resolve issues. Mr. Balayogi gave an account of the efforts made by the Central and state governments on the empowerment of women and other sections of the society. Mr. Balayogi said while India was committed to good relations with neighbours Pakistan has to demonstrate that it has given up the policy of sponsoring and supporting terrorism. Reiterating India''s commitment to the elimination of all nuclear weapons in a non discriminatory manner, Mr. Balayogi welcomed Mr. Annan''s proposal to convene an international conference to address the nuclear weapons issue.


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