September 2000 News

New Outfit Aims To Talibanise Kashmir

5 September 2000
The Hindustan Times
Arun Joshi

New Delhi: TALIBANISATION OF Kashmir is underway. A new organisation Din-e-Mohammad Taliban has started establishing itself in Kashmir with an aim to indoctrinate young Kashmiri minds for ''Jehad'' (holy war) in the name of pure religious education. The organisation is sponsored and financed by Pakistan to target young Kashmiris. It is setting up small schools in rural areas where poor parents are lured to send their children to school. Islamic scholars with good oratory skills and powers to influence the impressionable minds have been recruited as teachers. Many such schools have come up in the districts of Pulwama, Anantnag, Kupwara and Baramulla. The schools are getting students in large numbers as the parents are delighted at the thought of their children getting free education. Sources said this is a long-term design of Pakistan to create new recruits for militancy who would not falter in their commitment once they pass out from schools. ''It is a repeat of what Pakistan did in Afghanistan, creating Taliban''. Sources said Pakistan has already tasted success of this experiment earlier as the graduates of the Jamait-I-Islami-run schools in Kashmir had proved better militants than others.


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