September 2000 News

China For Involving Pakistan In Kashmir Talks

11 September 2000
The Times of India

Beijing: While ruling out a role for itself as a mediator, China hopes that India could also involve Pakistan as well as the international community to peacefully resolve the Kashmir issue. ''The Pakistani side has already said that they are willing to talk about any issue. May be the Indian side could also include the Pakistani side in the talks,'' Chinese assistant foreign minister Wang Yi said while commenting on the recent talks between India and the Hizbul Mujahideen which excluded Pakistan. Expounding China''s stand on the Kashmir issue, Wang noted that the Kashmir issue has long stalemated. ''So I think the only way out is the peaceful settlement with the help from the international community,'' he said, indicating a possible change in Beijing''s stand. India has firmly ruled out third party involvement in the resolution of the issue. China''s official media has come out with a series of articles recently, saying that the Kashmir issue involves three parties: India, the Kashmiri people and Pakistan. ''What is more important right now is that the two sides should find a way to really work it out. As a neighbour to India and Pakistan, China will only make positive efforts to help you and not to the contrary,'' Wang said.


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