September 2000 News

Hurriyat Told To Return Police Cover

19 September 2000
The Asian Age

Srinagar: Al-Omar Mujahideen, a pro-Pakistan Kashmiri militant outfit, has threatened to target the Hurriyat Conference leadership unless it returns the security cover provided by the government within 15 days. A spokesman of Al-Omar Mujahideen telephoned Srinagar based journalists that it would never tolerate members of that very police force protect the amalgam leaders which was responsible for inflicting terrible atrocities on the local population. ''It is a shame that the very police which kills our people at random, rapes our women folk and destroys the property of innocent citizens in the name of combating Mujahideen activities should be allowed around our political leadership to protect them,'' the spokesman said. He warned the Hurriyat leadership to return the policeman that formed the security cover within 15 days or face consequences. ''After this period is over, we will not hesitate in targeting these people (police guards) and those whom they are protecting would be wholly responsible for whatever the consequences are,'' he added. Reacting to the latest threat, Professor Abdul Ghani Butt, Chairman of the Hurriyat Conference told the Asian Age that its leadership never asked for any security cover. ''But the government on its own provided it to the Hurriyat Conference leaders, excepting one or two, with the view, perhaps, to ward off any danger to their lives from any quarter and maybe also to bring a little disrepute to them,'' he said. Prof Butt added that ''being conscious of this, the hurriyat conference never accepted the security but then the security personnel never left their premises. They stayed on.''


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