September 2000 News

Mujahideens Depend On Local Media For Authentic Reports

19 September 2000
The Daily Excelsior

Rajouri: Even as Pakistani media has launched prevaricating campaign against security forces for committing genocide and atrocities, the so-called Mujahideens operating in the twin border districts of Poonch and Rajouri have lost faith on Pakistani propaganda. Instead of depending on reports of Pakistani media, militants are going through local media specially local news-papers to get authentic information regarding various operations and encounters. Foreign militants in general and Pakistani in particular have been sending cuttings of the local news-papers to their respective countries to put the real picture before their countrymen. General Officer Command (GoC) of the Romeo Force, Major General Richard Khare said that Pakistani authorities have been luring Pakistani youth to join Jehad by offering hefty amount and insurance cover of Rs 2 lakh to each militant. ''But instead of giving premium of the insurance to the families of those who have been killed in encounters with security forces Pakistani authorities are keeping them in dark by projecting that their sons are still fighting Jehad'', GoC said, adding, ''it is gimmick of the Pakistani authorities to befool their own people and deny them of insurance premium which their sons were promised before joining Jehad''. Defence sources said that a large number of militants eliminated by the security forces have been projected alive by the Pakistani media to deny insurance money to their families. A Pakistani militant, who surrendered before the Army, disclosed that family members of the slain militants were informed that their sons have been valiantly fighting with Indian forces. Romeo Force has eliminated two dreaded militants Billal Hamza and Aftab Ahmed on June 9 at Dhandkote. Beside other incriminating materials, a letter was also recovered from their possession in which the militants had cautioned head of their organisation against game plan of the Pakistani authorities. Militants had also attached list of some slain militants, who have been projected as alive, with reference to the cuttings of the local news-papers with their letter. Similar cutting and letters were recovered from the possession of another militant, Babbar, who was gunned down by Romeo Force on June 15. Taking a cue from the reports of Pakistani media, defence sources said that Pakistani media has been presenting totally false and fabricated picture before its countrymen to lure more and more youth to join Jehad. It is worthwhile to mention here that some Pakistani militants, who have surrendered before India Army, have disclosed that whatever was fed to them during indoctrination stage by Pakistani media regarding the danger to Islam, genocide and atrocities being committed by the security forces was totally false and baseless. They were of the view that Pakistani media has been befooling the innocent youth of the country by exploiting their sentiments through false and prevaricating reports.


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