October 2000 News

Pakistan, Terrorism are Linked: France

5 October 2000
The Asian Age
Ranvir Nayar

Paris: France has acknowledged that there are clear links between terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir and some elements in the Pakistan Army. In an admission that is rare for Western governments, senior French foreign ministry officials said that they recognise the links between Kashmiri extremists and members of the Pakistani Army. “We are conscious of the fact that there are clear links between elements in Pakistan and the Kashmir militants. However, we do not know enough to say clearly whether these are rogue elements within the Pakistan Army or whether there is something more to it,” a top official of the ministry of foreign affairs said. “Our objective is that instead of trying to pinpoint the blame on who is actually responsible for the situation, we would like to see a coherent overall dialogue between India and Pakistan on the issue,” the official said. The French insist that despite this lack of clarity of who is actually responsible within Pakistan for supporting terrorism, they have been taking up the issue very seriously with the Pakistani government.


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