October 2000 News

Al-Badr warns US on Kashmir

19 October 2000
The Nation

RAWALPINDI: A Kashmiri Mujahideen group Thursday looked with suspicion the growing American interest in Kashmir, fearing that Washington is trying to impose a solution not reflective of the aspirations of the Kashmiri people. Reacting to press reports that United States Secretary of States Madeline Albright would visit Occupied Kashmir before her term runs out in 2001, a spokesperson for the AlBadr Mujahideen said that the proposed visit by Albright was indicative of a brewing conspiracy by US and India. ''Washington is trying to establish its influence in Kashmir through its socalled peace efforts,'' the spokesperson said, warning Mujahideen would never allow the US to hurt the interests of the Kashmiris. The AlBadr spokesperson said the American policy towards Kashmir has a clear tilt towards India as it never called for the right to selfdetermination for the Kashmiri people admissible under the UN resolutions. ''While Washington advocates for a political settlement of the Kashmir dispute, it never asks India to withdraw its security forces from the disputed territory,'' the spokesperson said. According to the spokesperson, Kashmir dispute can only be resolved through Jihad, as Pakistan and India could never resolve the issue through talks.


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