October 2000 News

Harkat for intensified campaign against Indian troops

27 October 2000

SRINAGAR: Chief Commander of the Jammu and Kashmir Harkatul Mujahideen Shahid Afghani Friday said how it is possible for 8 lakh Indian troops to counter the Mujahideen when the entire Indian Army cannot wipe them out of Kashmir. He said that the advice of the Indian Army Chief to the government to resolve Kashmir problem through political means is clear indication as to how frustrated the Indian army is before the spirit of the Mujahideen. In his wireless address to Mujahideen , Afghani said that the former Indian Army Chief has candidly admitted that the Indian army cannot defeat the Mujahideen even after fighting them one hundred years. Shahid Afghani asked the Indian rulers to note that the martyrdom substantiate the freedom movements. The ongoing massacre which is being perpetrated at the behest of the Indian rulers will not terrify Kashmiris rather this will further strengthen their lust for freedom. ''We are resolute to continue jihad till the last drop of our blood and that we want to convey to Indian rulers that Mujahideen will not lay down their arms at any cost.'' He exhorted Mujahideen to further step up their activities against the usurping Indian troops and push the Indians out of their beloved and paradise like land. Shahid Afghani advised the Mujahideen to refrain from causing harm to any Hindu,Sikh, Christan or follower of any other religion as it is against the teachings of Islam. ''our war is against the tyrant and not against the oppressed.'' He asked the Mujahideen to prepare for embracing martyrdom all the time as in this way they shall succeed in their noble mission of freedom.


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