October 2000 News

Jihad groups warned of India-Israel collusion

27 October 2000

KUWAIT: Central Amir of International Khatam-e-Naboot Conference, Maulana Ahmed Ali Siraj has warned Jihadi organisations of possible attack by the Indian intelligence agency, RAW and Israeli intelligence agency, Mosad. In a statement, he said that satanic forces of RAW and Mosad are getting organised to eliminate the jehad groups. He urged them to adopt precautionary measures against such attacks and nefarious designs of the anti-Islamic forces. He said that they should not ignore recent bombings in Karachi. The Maulana said that solidarity of jihadi organisations with Palestinians has perturbed Israel to a great extent. He asserted that Mosad has chalked out a plan to cause heavy blow to them with the collaboration of Indian secret agency RAW.


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