November 2000 News

PoK political front seeks trial of Musharraf

7 November 2000
The Pioneer

New Delhi: The Balawarsitan National Front (BNF), representing the people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), wanted the International Court of Justice to try General Parvez Musharraf and his juniors for getting the PoK soldiers killed in the Kargil war with India last year. Condemning the military junta and the ISI for engineering the massacre of 36 Sikhs in Chittisinghpura and fuelling the so-called jehad in Kashmir, the BNF claimed more than 900 Pakistani soldiers were killed in the Kargil war. The POK including Gilgit is inhabited by Kashmiris. They, however, do not enjoy any rights and privileges of a Pakistan citizen and continue to be treated as second class citizens. Pakistan used the Northern Light Infantry battalions for intrusions and the subsequent war with India last year. Most of the soldiers comprising these battalions hail from the POK. The BNF chairman Abdul Majid Khan, in a recent appeal to the international community, claimed more than 900 Northern Light Infantry solders were killed and 1,000 others were injured in the war. He urged the international community through the International Court of Justice to try General Musharraf and his juniors besides the political leadership for getting innocent people killed. He charged the Army and the ISI for conspiring against the soldiers of Balawaristan and pushing them to fight against India. Warning the people of Kashmir against the designs of the ISI for using Islam to get Muslims killed, the BNF chief said the ISI had practised this dangerous game in Karachi and Gilgitstan by using the Taliban fighters. Terming Pakistan a terrorist state, Mr Khan said Pakistan in the present state is a challenge to the world. Kidnapping of people and branding them as American or Indian agents by the ISI was rampant. He said ''Until and unless the activities of the ISI are not curbed terrorism within and outside Pakistan cannot end. Also the Taliban and Osama-Bin-Laden cannot be controlled. In case one Osama is apprehended, the ISI will prop up another Osama,'' the BNF supremo claimed. Urging the Indian government to include the representatives of Balwaristan, Ladakh, Jammu, PoK and Kashmir Valley in a bid to bring peace in Kashmir, the BNF chief said Pakistan will otherwise confuse the issue.


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