November 2000 News

Delhi Imam phones to Hizb chief, seeks Indo-Pak, Mujahideen cease-fire

16 November 2000

MUZAFFARABAD: Imam of the Delhi main mosque, Imam Bukhari phoned to Supreme Commander of Hizbul Mujahideen Syed Salahuddin and discussed with him his proposed visit to Srinagar, a Hizb spokesman said Thursday. “I would appeal to India, Pakistan and Mujahideen to observe cease-fire during forthcoming Ramadan enabling the people to see peace in the holy month,” the Hizb spokesman Saleem Hashmi quoted Imam Bukhari as telling Salahuddin. “The Hizb chief told Imam Bukhari that his organization announced unilateral cease fire to Indian government on July 24 last year at the risk of its integration so that pave a way for constructive dialogues. However the Indian government exercised its traditional stubbornness and delaying tactics and thus wasted a golden chance of table talks for the restoration of peace in the valley,” the spokesman said. “Now it is incumbent upon India to announce the cease-fire and come forward for holding tripartite talks for the settlement of Kashmir dispute. The Mujahideen will take into consideration the offer of cease fire if India takes initiative in this connection first,” Salahuddin has been quoted as telling Imam Bukhari The Hizb leader described the concern and anxiety of Imam Bukhari about the ‘excesses on Kashmiris’ as true and made it clear on Imam Bukhari that the freedom struggle will continue unabated till the complete liberation of Kashmir. “Hizbul Mujahideen will not allow anyone to resort to treason under the cover of so-called peace. The interpretation of peace in our views is that India should call back all its troops from Kashmir and let the people in Kashmir to make a decision about the future,’Salahuddain added. He said that Hizb will not allow anyone to enter into dialogue with India under the so-called cover of peace in Kashmir. Salahuddin added that Imam of the Delhi main mosque rang him to say he is going to visit Srinagar within next couple of days. Salahuddin said that Imam Bukhar will pay a visit to martyrs’ grave in Srinagar and will pray for the soul of martyrs for their eternal peace.


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