November 2000 News

Indian army launches grand operation in Kashmir

17 November 2000

SRINAGAR: The Indian Army has launched grand operation in Kupwara, Baramula, Islamabad, Batgam and some other districts of the valley including Jammu, Poonch, Rajuri,Udhampur and Doda at the advent of winter season in a bid to crush down the freedom movement. Some extremist Hindu organizations along with personnel of the Special Reserve Police, Border Security Force, Special Task Force are assisting the Indian Army in their operation against the freedom fighters. Indian gunship helicopters are also taking part in this large- scale operation against the freedom fighters. Sources have said that the Indian Army has initiated Research Operation on massive scale in different districts of the valley and Jammu to suppress the growing activities of the freedom fighters there. The Indian troops have not yet scored any worth noting success in their operation against the Mujahideen. However they have whisked away several civilians on the suspicion of being Mujahideen and they have even tortured to death several of them. The attack by Shiv Sinha extremists at the residence of the President of Muslim Federation was also a part of this operation. The reign of terror that the Indian troops have unleashed in the valley has swept across a wave of fear and harassment among the people of the valley and they feel themselves insecure. Shopkeepers pull down shutters at sun set in the markets and no one knows whether he will return safe and sound to his house or not. A spokesman of the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, Abu Khalid has said that the Lashkar men have decided to hit the Indian military installations in retaliation for these excesses of the Indian troops. The Laskhar has advised the people not to get close to any military vehicle or any Indian camp as this will cause them harm.


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