December 2000 News

Aslam Beg urges Pakistan Govt to convince Mujahideen for cease-fire

3 December 2000

RAWALPINDI: Former Chief of Army Staff, General (retd) Aslam Beg has said that the Indian cease-fire enjoys US and APHC backing. He said that India has created a new situation by announcing cease-fire by taking the advantage of marriage of Abdul Ghani Butt’s son. He said that Pakistani leadership is required to compel Mujahideen to implement the cease-fire so that the United States and other European countries should start supporting Pakistan and stop backing India. Talking to NNI here on Sunday, the former Army Chief maintained that Pakistan was required to take initiative in announcing the cease-fire. He said that he had advised the government three months ago to convince Mujahideen groups for announcing cease-fire. He lamented that no attention was paid to his advice. He said that at present entire world has been praising India for taking initiative in announcing cease-fire while Pakistan has been reacting to such statements. He said that in the given situation Pakistan will have to exercise sagacity and prudence as the cease-fire announcement has created a new turn in Kashmir problem and no one is in a position to deny this factor. He said that India is trying to establish contacts with the Mujahideen leaders including Salahuddin and in this state of affairs Pakistan will have to make a right decision because country’s Kashmair policy has all along been the result of reaction and no farsightedness has been applied in this connection. Aslam Beg asserted that Nawazada Nasrullah Khan’s politics is based on hypocrisy. He said that Nawabzada has promoted negative politics because it is his hobby to start campaign against any government in power. He said that when Nawabzada and his other companions could not reap their interests in military government they then started assembling under the cover of restoration of democracy and resultantly Muslim League experienced a split. He maintained that the PPP leadership is happy over cracks in Muslim League and Nawabzada has tried to appease Benazir by dividing Muslim League. Aslam Beg claimed that present government is striving to bring to light new political set up through holding of local bodies elections in the country. He said that his party will put up candidates in these elections in all the four provinces.


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