December 2000 News

Lone: Pak zealots the biggest threat

7 December 2000
The Statesman

Washington DC: Hurriyat leader Mr Abdul Ghani Lone has said the biggest danger to the Kashmir peace process are Pakistani religious extremists who will make a serious effort to undermine the ceasefire. In an interview to The Washington Post in Islamabad, Mr Lone challenged the Islamic extremists policy of setting a religious agenda for the conflict when the majority of Kashmiris on both sides of the LoC prefer political independence. He said many Pakistanis are mistakenly led to believe that Indian Kashmiris want the territory to be part of Pakistan. The fundamentalists make political capital of this mistaken belief. People in PoK are not happy with the way Islamabad was treating them. Barring religious freedom, they did not enjoy any other right, Mr Lone said.


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