December 2000 News

Bhat seeks ''measured steps'' from India, Pakistan

8 December 2000

NEW: Hurriyat Chairman Abdul Gani Bhat Friday asked for ''measured steps'' from India and Pakistan to ensure ''nuclear'' peace in the sub-continent and said they should refrain from making statements which unnecessarily increased tension. ''We will have to work hard, go together collectively and ensure measured steps towards realising the dream called nuclear peace,'' Bhat, who has been camping in the capital since last weekend, told PTI here. The Hurriyat Chairman, while calling for restraint in making statements from either side, said ''Peace has to be the goal of everyone and both Islamabad and New Delhi must ensure that this time-vested interests don''t vitiate the atmosphere.'' Bhat refrained from hazarding any guess on when peace would be restored in the valley and said ''The situation is both sensitive and complex. We should never expect miracles to happen in a day or a month, it will take its time.'' However, the Hurriyat Chairman said this peace process, even though moving at a ''snail''s pace'', would leave its permanent mark on the entire sub-continent.


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