December 2000 News

J-K trifurcation inevitable, say Ladakh leaders

10 December 2000
The Hindustan Times

Leh: CUTTING ACROSS party lines, all political parties in Leh region of Jammu and Kashmir support the demand for Union Territory status for Ladakh and see the trifurcation of the state as the only long lasting solution to the ''Kashmir chaos''. ''Trifurcation of the state is the only solution to Kashmir imbroglio. The three regions of the state have different aspirations - and they should be granted to them. Kashmiris want autonomy but Ladakh and Jammu do not want it,'' said N Rigzin Jora, executive councillor in the recently elected Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC). Jora, however, dispelled the argument that giving greater autonomy to Kashmir meant handing it over to Pakistan on a platter. ''In the beginning of the past decade, 95 per cent of the Kashmiris were on streets and up against India. I think it is long over due now that wishes of the people be respected,'' Jora said. Though parties like ruling National Conference and Hurriyat Conferencehave vehemently opposed any suggestion of division of the state, Jora feels that greater autonomy resolution passed by the State Assembly was a ''covert'' attempt to divide the state along ''communal lines.''


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