December 2000 News

Cross-border terror backed by Pak, says Peter Hain

14 December 2000
The Asian Age

London: There is still far too much evidence, certainly over the past year to 18 months since the Kargil incident, which was inspired by Pakistan, that cross-border terrorism is actively encouraged, and, indeed, at times sponsored by agencies and elements closely aligned with the pakistani authorities,'' said Mr. Peter Hain, minister of state, foreign and commonwealth office during a house of common debate on Kashmir. Mr. Hain was answering Mr. Cripsin Blunt''s approval of Pakistan''s announcement of maximum restraint on the conflict line extends to its ceasing to be a state sponsor of terrorism in Kashmir? The minister reacted strongly, and said, ''No''. He said only after state-sponsored terrorism stops will there be a climate for negotiations and dialogue. Asked by MP Steve McCabe what the minister''s assessment was of India''s ceasefire, Mr. Hain said he had welcomed the move during the visit to India. He hoped that the ''recent developments will create a climate that encourages dialogue between India and Pakistan.''


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