December 2000 News

Omanese newspaper unfolds ‘behind the scene’ efforts on Kashmir cease-fire

18 December 2000

ISLAMABAD: Officials of Saudi and UAE governments had paid frequent visits to Islamabad and New Delhi, met with the officials of both the countries and discussed with them the means which could lead to peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue, reports ‘Al-Watan’ newspaper publishes from Oman Monday. In its report ‘Al-Watan’ also elaborated behind the scene efforts of Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates governments to help India and Pakistan for solving Kashmir issue peacefully. The newspaper quoting reliable sources said that the Saudi and UAE combined efforts contain Making a little bit changes in lieu of Line of Control, which divides both Indian held Kashmir and Azad Jammu and Kashmir; and allow the people of Kashmir of both sides to meet each other by encouraging both Indian and Pakistan governments by effecting some changes inside Kashmir. Meanwhile, according to an Indian source, Saudi and UAE officials are dealing directly with their Indian and Pakistani counterparts. The sources also said that the initial process started when Indian National Security Advisor Barjeesh Mishra met both Saudi and UAE mediators in Khatmandu last June. The result of Khatmandu meeting was that Hizbul Mujahideen announced cease-fire unilaterally on July 24. During this period, Majeed Dar of Hizbul Mujahideen visited Islamabad, New Delhi, Dhabi and Srinagar frequently. The second step taken in this regard was the Indian cease-fire in Ramazan when the mediators had chosen the Holy Month to pressurize the All Parties Hhurriat Conference (APHC) leaders for positive response.


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