February 2001 News

Pak to stop proxy war if made to pay

26 February 2001
The Indian Express

DIMAPUR: Home Minister L K Advani today said Pakistan would end its proxy war in Jammu and Kashmir only if it feels that it has to pay a price for it. "Pakistan will end its proxy war only when it feels that it has to pay some price for it," Advani told reporters accompanying him for the three-day trip to the North East. 'so far the only price it has been paying for the last one year is in terms of international opinion and the common people's feelings in the Valley," he said. "This I term as pincer movement," he said, adding the ceasefire in the Valley has brought Pakistan under some influence of "peace offensive". He said the extension of ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir was not expected to bring about a sea change in Pakistan's posture vis-a-vis proxy war in the Valley. "Agar koi sochtha hae ki Jammu Kashmir mey ceasefire karne se, Pakistan ke attitude mey farak ayega, mujhe nahi lagta, (I don"t think that by extending ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan's attitude will change)," he said. However, to a question, he justified the extension of the unilateral ceasefire saying with this the "Hindrance posed for security forces in creating its own mindset by frequent uncertainty created every 15 days has been done away with."


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