March 2001 News

Local militants became inactive after truce: Mufti

1 March 2001
The Daily Excelsior
Excelsior Correspondent

Jammu: Terming unilateral cease-fire announced by the Prime Minister, Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee as 'sincere" and "honest" effort to bring peace in the state, vice president of the Jammu and Kashmir People's Democratic Party, Ms Mehbooba Mufti today said that local militants have became inactive after truce. "Though officially they have not reciprocated Prime Minister's step but they became inactive as people of Kashmir want that peace should be prevailed " she said, adding, "there is strong feeling among Kashmiri masses that decade long blood-shed must be stopped". 'some foreigners are still active in the state but majority of the local militants have stopped their operations", she said. Stressing on the need of giving healing touch to the residents of this violence plagued state, Ms Mufti said that it was high time to initiate some meaningful steps to bridge the ever widening gap between different ethnic and religious groups of the State. "In my opinion Kashmir problem is neither of Azadi nor for Pakistan but it is out-burst of the anger of the people against ruling elites who have been meting out in-human treatment to them", she said while stressed on the need of giving healing touch to the masses who, according to her, became victim of the step-motherly treatment and humiliation inflicted by the successive State Governments. Accusing National Conference Government of fueling violence in the PDP leader said that some vested interests have been desperately trying to divide people for their petty gain. She, however, exhorted the people to jointly frustrate nefarious designs of these elements and strengthen brotherhood and communal harmony for which our State has been known. "We do not want to turn Jammu and Kashmir into another Afghanistan of the South Asia", she said while addressing a public meeting at this dusty village located just adjoining International Border. "Kashmir is known for its secular character", she said that it was duty of the majority to protect minorities in Kashmir. PDP lamented that Kashmiri Pandits, who were very much part and parcel of the Kashmir, had already left their native land. "After Mehjoor Nagar carnage our Sikhs brethren were thinking to migrate but we persuaded and assured them that protection of their lives and property is duty of every Kashmiri Muslim", Ms Mufti said and appealed to the people to protect secular character of State at any cost. Terming Farooq Abdullah's regime as "Andari Nagari Choopat Raja", PDP fire-brand leader lamented that National Government has utterly failed to provide good governance to this violence plagued state. "Braving militants threats people had expressed their faith in ballot with a hope that democratic elected government would mitigate their miseries", she recalled but regretted that woes of the masses further compounded during NC regime. Lambasting State Government for, what she alleged, legitimizing corruption at all levels, PDP leader said that crores and crores of rupees meant for the betterment and development of the masses have been diverted to provide luxuries of the ruling elites. "Instead of strengthening infrastructure, State Government is more concerned in spending money on luxuries", she said while highlighting woes of the farmers. Ms Mufti strongly condemned so-called national political parties for, supporting all anti-people policies of the Farooq Government. She said that only PDP can get the people rid from the yoke of the Farooq Abdullah. "Policies and programmes of the PDP are guided by the interests of the people of Jammu and Kashmir", she said and exhorted the masses to join PDP to get justice. PDP general secretary, Mr Ved Mahajan while speaking in meeting, dubbed the Farooq Government as "cesspool of corruption" and exhorted the people to launch a war against corrupt State Government. Mr Mahajan criticised the BJP for maintaining a criminal silence over the mis-deeds of Farooq Government. "Jammuities had over-whelmingly supported BJP with hope that this party would oppose anti-people policies of the National Conference", he said while recounting last Lok Sabha elections but regretted that instead of opposing wrong policies of the state government BJP leaders have joined with NC leaders in looting the State. Mr Tirlok Singh Bajwa, general secretary of PDP in his address, criticised anti-farmers policies of the ruling National Conference and BJP Government. "Farmers have been facing problems due to non availability of irrigation water and power supply but State Government has maintained a deaf ear and blind eye towards their problems", he said and assured that PDP would make comprehensive programme and policies for the upliftment of farmers. Some other leaders of the PDP also addressed the meeting.


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