March 2001 News

S.Dakota Senator supports JK minorities

19 March 2001
The Indian Express

Washington DC: The South Dakota Legislature of the United States has unanimously passed a proclamation describing the plight of minorities in Kashmir - including Pandits, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians - as a "Human tragedy" while affirming the right of the exiled minorities to return to their "homeland." The proclamation, signed by President of state Senate Carol Hillard and Speaker of the house Scott Eccarius, says: "Whereas, in accordance with international law, the non-Muslim minorities are entitled to return to their "homeland", now, therefore, be it commemorated by the 76th Legislature of the State of South Dakota, USA, that the plight of the Pandits, Sikhs, Buddhists And Christians exiled from Kashmir be recognized as a "human tragedy" by all South Dakotans and the world community as a whole". The legislature has already gone on record supporting Panun Kashmir. Copies of the proclamation - co-sponsored by 10 state senators and 11 state representatives - have been sent to President George W. Bush and the congressional leadership for further acton, Dr Jagan Kaul, Director of the Indo-American Kashmir Forum, said. He also thanked the South Dakota Legislature and the legislators for their support to the cause Kashmiri minorities.


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