March 2001 News

Hizb announces to attack families of troops in India

19 March 2001
The Nation
Roshan Mughal

Muzaffarabad: The largest freedom Fighter organisation Hizbul Mujahideen has announced to carry out attacks upon the families of Indian soldiers involved in the killing of innocents in occupied Kashmir. “Until now we had restrained our operation in occupied Kashmir and had asked the Indian troops to fight with Mujahideen and not to kill the relatives of Mujahideen in occupied Kashmir. Contrary to this, Indian troops had increased the attacks on the families of Mujahideen and we have decided to attack the families of Indian troops inside India,” vowed supreme commander of Hizbul Mujahideen Syed Salahuddin Ahmad while addressing a big protest demonstration against the murderous attack on former APHC Syed Ali Gillani by Indian forces. “We will avenge the killing of innocents on the land of India and will teach the Indian rulers a lesson”, he resolved. “Now we will not remain limited to occupied Kashmir rather we will launch operation against the families of those Indian troops who have been involved in the killing Mujahideen’s relatives in occupied Kashmir , he announced . Salahuddin, who also heads Mutahidda Jihad Council, an umbrella of 15 freedom fighters organisations, fighting against Indian occupation, observed that conspiracies are being hatched for the division of Kashmir and Jihad at international and domestic level as well but he resolved that people of Kashmir and Mujahideen will fight back these conspiracies by forging unity among their folds. He warned India that if any untoward happened to Syed Ali Gillani, India will have to pay a heavy cost for that. Salahuddin believed that Kashmir liberation struggle has been entered into crucial juncture and it has been impossible for India to prevent Kashmiris from reaching the destination of freedom. He said Kashmiri ready to sacrifice every thing for freedom and its has become impossible for India to quell liberation struggle. He said Kashmiri will continue to sacrifice for the freedom and they will not allow any one to betray the sacrifices of 80,000 martyrs. Addressing the demonstration, district Chief of Jamaat iIslami Sheikh Aqilur Rehman demanded of the govt of Pakistan to send Pakistan army into Kashmir for the practical support of suppressed Kashmir and stop harping the tone of political, moral and diplomatic support of Kashmiris. Syed Salah ud Din vowed to continue on going freedom struggle despite Indian repression, conspiracies against valiant Kashmiris and their leadership. MJC Chief termed life attempt on Syed Ali Shah Gilani by Indian Forces part of the conspiracy hatched by the Indians to eliminate Kashmir leadership of Gilani’s Stature, which, he said, proved India was living in a fools paradise if it considers, they can crush the indigenous freedom movement of Kashmiri’s launched for their legitimate right of self-determination by eliminating Kashmiri leadership from the scene. He urged the Muslim ummah OIC countries to take cognizance of desecration of the Holy Quran and Quwat-e-Islam Mosque in India at the hands of extremist Hindus and put pressure on India to prevent it from nefarious designs against Muslims in India, and large scale atrocities, killings and molestation of womenfolk in IHK. Salahuddin warned India to refrain from heinous crimes gainst the innocent Kashmiri people and its able leadership or otherwise get ready to face the consequences.


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