March 2001 News

Pakistan accuses India of border violations

30 March 2001
The Hindustan Times

Islamabad: PAKISTAN ACCUSED India on Friday of firing across what it calls its "working boundary" with Indian-ruled part of disputed Kashmir, and demanded an immediate halt to such acts. A Pakistan Foreign Ministry statement said Indian forces had resorted to firing into Pakistan in recent weeks. The charge came only a day after Pakistan asked India to immediately halt alleged moves to fence the "working boundary" and threatened to take "all measures appropriate and necessary" to prevent a change in the character of this boundary. Islamabad does not recognise this boundary between its Punjab province's Sialkot district and Kashmir's Jammu region because of the dispute over Kashmir, where a 720-km U.N.-monitored ceasefire line stands between the Indian and Pakistani armies. "Indian firing and related military activity along the working boundary seriously jeopardise Pakistan's endeavours and initiatives for maximum restraint to promote a dialogue for a settlement of the Kashmir dispute...," the foreign ministry's statement on Friday said. "The government of Pakistan, therefore, calls upon the government of India to immediately put an end to firing and other provocative acts along the working boundary," it said. India has already built a barbed-wire border fence between Punjab and Pakistan's central province of the same name, and Islamabad's opposition to New Delhi's moves in the past to extend this fence to Jammu region have led to deadly clashes between the two sides. A Pakistan army source said on Thursday that reports had been received recently that India was once again trying to extend the fence.


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