April 2001 News

Pakistan fails to rein in militants: Pak media

8 April 2001
The Asian Age

New Delhi: Pakistan has failed to rein in militant groups operating from its soil and made no attempts to retain the operational control of such outfits, media reports said here. "Pakistan has not shown much resolve to control the groups fighting in Kashmir. The two levels at which it should have exercised control were to force such groups to keep a very low domestic profile and to retain their operational control," The Friday Times said in an article. However, controlling these groups on the domestic front has proved difficult because they are not purely "military" entities and their (militant groups) political agenda has been the biggest problem, the article written by noted journalist Ejaz Haider said. On India's charge that Pakistan has been sponsoring terrorism in this country, the article said "however, there is no denying the fact that certain groups operate from the Pakistani soil." Stating that Pakistani authorities had failed to distinguish between Kashmir and Afghanistan, the paper said Kargil and the irresponsible statements by various (militant) groups have served to deprive Pakistan of the element of plausible deniability. On the functioning of these militant groups, The Friday Times said these groups had networked freely and "made inroads into the society....not only have they been vocal on India, they have also created problems for Pakistan in its relations with the United States and the European Union".


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