April 2001 News

Founding father of JKLF ready for talks with Government

24 April 2001
The Indian Express

New Delhi: Even as the 23-party conglomerate Hurriyat Conference is yet to decide whether to join talks with the Centre, founding father of JKLF and hijacker of Indian Airlines plane in 1971, Hashim Qureshi, today warned that refusal to join the talks would lead to isolation. In a statement, Qureshi, who is lodged in Srinagar jail, said, "The people of Jammu and Kashmir should not refuse to join the talks and all parties should base their stand in the talks on the rightness of their cause." Qureshi, who surrendered at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in December last year after being self-exiled in Holland for nearly two decades, said, "Now that the offer for unconditional talks has come from the Indian Government, the Kashmiris should accept it otherwise it would lead to their isolation." In his appeal to Hurriyat leaders, who are likely to come out with their stand on Thursday, Qureshi, who later formed his own Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party, said, "Before the Hurriyat decides on anything, it should keep in mind the critical condition of people." Expressing hope that the Hurriyat and other leaders will not let the suffering of the people continue, Qureshi said, "The people of the state have to be relieved of these conditions and every sincere Kashmiri should contribute to it." The chairman of JKDLP said, "If his party is invited to take part in these talks, it would participate carrying with it various solutions of the problem based on Justice and equity, the release said.


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