April 2001 News

APHC, Pak. will adopt joint strategy on Kashmir

25 April 2001
The Hindu

Islamabad: A day before the All-Party Hurriyat Conference (APHC) is to take a decision on the offer of talks made by the Indian Government, the Hurriyat leader and Chairman of People's League, Sheikh Abdul Aziz, has said that the APHC and Pakistan would adopt a joint strategy for future talks with India on Kashmir. He has been quoted as saying in an interview to a news agency that 'we will work together to pressure India to accept the right to self-determination for the people of Kashmir in accordance with the United Nations resolutions'. Mr. Aziz, who is here in on a private visit in connection with the wedding of his brother, has been meeting leaders of the Pakistan-based militant organisations. He has also had a meeting with the Pakistan Foreign Minister, Mr. Abdul Sattar. The Hurriyat leader has identified himself completely with Pakistan and has been unabashed in his pro-Pakistan views. Immediately on his arrival here last week, he said that the 'struggle' in Kashmir against the Indian Government was for accession with Pakistan.


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