May 2001 News

India rules out tripartite talks on Kashmir issue

6 May 2001
The Indian Express

Islamabad: India on Sunday ruled out tripartite talks involving Pakistan to resolve Kashmir issue but said it was ready for a dialogue with Islamabad on the issue provided the military regime exercised control on militant groups to bring down the level of violence unleashed by them in Kashmir. Interacting with Indian scribes in Islamabad, Indian High Commissioner Vijay K Nambiar, said, "We are not in favour of any tripartite discussions. We think there is a situation in Jammu and Kashmir and there is the question of Kashmir which need to be de-segregated. We need to see them separately". He said the situation in Jammu and Kashmir was all about lowering the level of violence brought in by acts of terrorism and encouraged by Pakistan-based militant organsiations like Lashkar-e-Toiba, Jais-e-Mohammad. "This needs to be firmly countenanced. Unless that happens and unless we can see some control on their activities, we will have to take a view that Pakistan is not interested to stem the violence. "They would like to see this as a lever to push their own agenda in Jammu and Kashmir and to put political pressure on India. Therefore, we will have to move in the direction of trying to involve political groups in J&K to launch a process of dialogue with us both to lower violence and to discuss the large issue of resolving political differences in relation to the state," Nambiar said.


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