May 2001 News

APHC not sole representative body of Kashmiris: JKLF chief

11 May 2001
The News International

ISLAMABAD: Jammu and Kashmir Libration Front (JKLF) Chairman Amanullah Khan on Friday said All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) is not the sole representative body of all Kashmiris. "Yet, the APHC could not be ignored while looking for a solution to the Kashmir issue," he said while responding to an eight-point questionnaire sent to him by famous Indian Web-magazine of trying to solve Kashmir issue permanently, the Indian government invitation to Kashmiri parties to discuss Kashmir issue was tantamount to putting the cart in front of the horse. The JKLF chief said: "The violence in held Kashmir is the consequence of non-resolution of Kashmir issue."The JKLF chief, like many other Kashmiris, was of the opinion that Vajpayee was quite serious in having Kashmir issue solved once for all but the so-called hawks around him stood in his way. India might not have a man of Vajpayee's vision and stature at the helm of its affairs for quite some time to come, he said and added if India demonstrates practically that it sincerely wants to solve the Kashmir issue, Pakistan must reciprocate accordingly.But the Indian government present way of dealing with the issue badly lacks basic necessity, Amanullah observed. "I am not afraid, because there have been a number of such attempts in past all proving costly exercises in futility," the JKLF chief said. The governments of India, Pakistan and Azad Kashmir disallowed the intra-Kashmir conference convened by JKLF in August 1992 using similar excuses.He said the arguments given by the APHC for refusing to accept Indian government's invitation were quite weighty but not very convincing. He said it was a matter of secondary nature whether or not Hurriyat leaders were allowed to visit Pakistan, the basic question was whether the Kashmiri Mujahideen could be persuaded to leave their guns and on what conditions. Amanullah Khan concluded that Pakistan was one of the three basic parties to the Kashmir issue and could not be bypassed while discussing Kashmir solution.


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