May 2001 News

Bush pledges support to Vajpayee on Kashmir talks

11 May 2001
The Hindu

New Delhi: US President George W Bush has assured Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee that Washington would continue efforts to persuade Pakistan for creating conducive conditions for resumption of India-Pakistan dialogue. Official sources said that in a letter to the Prime Minister, which was delivered by his special emissary Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, Bush welcomed Vajpayee's peace initiative in Jammu and Kashmir. "We will continue our efforts to encourage Pakistan to create conditions that will allow for productive India-Pakistan dialogue," he said. He also said that he looked forward to visit India in the context of efforts to broaden the relationship between the US and India. The US President conveyed his intention of working closely with Vajpayee to promote common interests in Asia and the world. During discussions with Armitage, Indian leaders reiterated opposition to the unilateral abrogation of the 1972 Anti- Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty or other similar commitments by the United States and hoped that Washington would pursue its missile defence programme in a manner "that enhances regional and international stability and security."


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