June 2001 News

Religion has no role in Kashmir issue: JKRF

2 June 2001
The Daily Excelsior
Aijaz Hussain

SRINAGAR: Asserting that Kashmir issue is a politico-human in orientation and religion has no role in its resolution, chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Realistic Front (JKRF) today alleged both India and Pakistan for hostaging the people of J&K in three "colonial states" of Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK), Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), and Pakistan occupied northern parts of Kashmir. While terming the Government of India’s interlocutor, KC Pant’s visit to the Valley as ‘futile exercise’, he cautioned that it was a mere politicking to prepare grounds for "Camp-David like accord" to bye-pass the right of self- determination to the people of J&K. While addressing a news conference here today, Hilal War said that declaration of so-called ceasefire and initiation of talks or trilateral dialogue would create chaos and confusion in J&K. 'such methods run counter to the doctrine of self determination to the common man of the State and is bound to confuse like that of a fish market", he lamented. War sought to clarify that no group or forum could be allowed to act as political attorney of common man of the State. "The people of J&K have apprehensions about the honesty, capacity and integrity of so- called political groups in the settlement of the Kashmir dispute", he argued. Describing J&K as a "tragedy of errors", War emphasised that the people of the State had nothing to do with Indian secularism or Pakistan’s "Two Nation Theory". "Rather they were interested in their own political struggle and were wedded to the ideology of humanity, brotherhood and self determination right regardless of religion, caste or creed", he added. JKRF chairman launched a scathing attack on India and Pakistan alleging that both the nations were ‘insincere’ in resolving this decades pending issue. "The Indian stooges make this problem outcome of Pakistan’s aggression and sponsoring of cross border terrorism while as Pakistan’s stooges label this issue as Islamic one and an incomplete agenda of Pakistan", he remarked. Commenting on the Panun Kashmir’s (PK) demand for a separate homeland for displaced Kashmiri Pandit community, War said that it had a communal colour. "PK’s demand of separate homeland is only possible in the islands of Andoman and Nicobar for which they should talk to the Government of India", he said. Giving details of his party’s stand on the solution of the Kashmir problem, War said that foremost urgency was to soften the Line of Actual Control for the people of entire J&K. He said that Kashmir was a nuclear flashpoint and further delay in the settlement would usher in Indo-Pak war. "The nuclear conflict will be the result of Indian attack on Pakistan provoked by large destruction of North and Western India at the hands of suicidal militants armed with latest sophisticated weapons if the issue is not resolved on the priority- one basis," he opined


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