June 2001 News

Pak army digging trenches, stepping up activity along LoC

4 June 2001
The Hindustan Times
Arun Joshi

Jammu: The Pakistani Army has started digging trenches and reorganizing border observation posts along the nearly 200-km-long international border in Jammu. This has sent alarm bells ringing on the Indian side. The BSF has noticed unusual activity along the border on Pakistani side. "Pakistan Army regulars are involved in this activity", disclosed a senior BSF officer. Along with this, heavy firing has also begun from the Pakistani side. He attributed this to two factors - end of the ceasefire and the barbed wire fencing being erected by the BSF on this side of the border. Immediately after the government announced non-initiation of combat operations in November, Pakistan Army decided to exercise what it called "maximum restraint on borders in Jammu and Kashmir". The result was calm on the borders that enabled the farmers on the Indian side to cultivate their land without the fear of being targeted by Pakistani gunfire. That calm was shattered after fencing became public. Thereafter, there has been no let-up in firing from across. The hyper active areas are Garkhal in Akhnoor, Pargwal, old Kanachak , Gole Pattan , Chinor, Pittal post, Jabowal, Kote, Kuba and Nanga.


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