June 2001 News

Pakistan has "ditched" people of Kashmir: Yasin Malik

29 June 2001
The Indian Express

London: The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front leader, Yasin Malik, has charged Pakistan with "ditching" Kashmiris and said he does not expect any result from the Vajpayee - Musharraf summit as the "principal party" - the people of Kashmir - has not been included in the dialogue. "They have been saying that there are three parties to the dispute - India, Pakistan and the Kashmiris. Now when General Pervez Musharraf is going to India for talks, Pakistan has forgotten that there is a third party," Malik said. While flaying Pakistan for "ditching the Kashmiris when it mattered most", Malik praised Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee saying he is a 'sincere person who wants to resolve the Kashmir issue". "I do not think there will be any outcome at the summit as the people of the land who are affected, are nowhere to be seen in the talks," he said. "Now Vajpayee and Musharraf will decide our future. Are we animals?" he wondered.


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