July 2001 News

Kashmiris not hopeful: WP

4 July 2001
The Dawn
Our Staff Correspondent

WASHINGTON: In contrast to other parts of Pakistan, where many people hope for a miraculous breakthrough on Kashmir at this month's Pakistan-India summit, popular opinion in Azad Kashmir is set in "the stone of suspicion and bitterness." This is the conclusion of a Washington Post correspondent reporting from Muzaffarabad in a dispatch published in the paper on Wednesday. The correspondent writes that most people in Azad Kashmir place little hope in the summit. " They express deep mistrust of India's motives and say they do not want Musharraf to concede an inch on Pakistan's claim on Kashmir. At the very least, they demand that government troops withdraw from the Indian portion and that its inhabitants be granted the right to self- determination." While the correspondent found a yearning for reunion with people on the other side of the Line of Control in the refugee camps around Muzaffarabad, opinion was unyielding about the futility of talks with India.


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