July 2001 News

Pakistan ready for Kashmir's division, says JKLF

5 July 2001
The Hindustan Times
H S Rao

London: Pakistan is ready to reach agreement with India on the division of Kashmir, the Ammanullah Khan faction of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) claimed Wednesday. "Pakistan is smoothing the way for Kashmir's division as a solution," Zafar Khan, head of diplomatic affairs of the front's British chapter told newsmen. Such a solution would be unacceptable to the JKLF, he added. "The JKLF has come to this conclusion because of the way president Pervez Musharraf had consulted Kashmiri representatives preparatory to his forthcoming talks with Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Agra," he said. "The Kashmiri leaders Musharraf consulted were all those whose policies were consistent with Pakistani policies on Kashmir and no pro-independence parties, such as the JKLF," he said. "We believe that the reason for this was that Pakistan has now come round to the idea of dividing Kashmir as a solution." An eight-member delegation of the front met Pakistan high commissioner in London Abdul Kader Jaffer last evening and told him that they were "unhappy" about the process of consultation. But the main reason for their meeting was to protest against the rejection of JKLF candidates" nomination papers for Wednesday's assembly elections in Pak-occupied Kashmir and subsequent arrest of candidates and the JKLF leader Ammanullah Khan on tuesday. The nomination papers had been rejected because the candidates had refused to sign a declaration supporting the accession of Kashmir to Pakistan. Khan said that they had submitted a memorandum to the high commissioner expressing their protest against the exclusion orderserved on JKLF chairman from entering PoK and denying the right of assembly and free speech to members of the party in their own country. "Further more heavy military, paramilitary and police actions in Azad Kashmir were clearly meant by the authorities to harass the JKLF workers and create a climate of fear in the territory," he said. He said the delegation expressed its strong resentment and disapproval of such tactics and impressed upon the high commissioner that this kind of treatment could not be accepted by the JKLF.


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