July 2001 News

Lashkar doubts outcome of Indo-Pak talks

8 July 2001
The News International

Karachi: The Pak-India talks will prove an exercise in futility, but India will definitely get a certificate from the comity of nations for being serious in establishing peace in the region. Provincial Ameer Lashkar-e-Taiba Abu Noman Saifullh Khalid said this while talking to Lashkar-e-Taiba workers in a meeting at Hill Park on Sunday. He pointed out that Indian prime minister and foreign minister were harping on the same tune that Kashmir was an integral part of India, which indicated the fact that they were not serious in solving the Kashmir issue. "A leopard cannot wipe its spots, in the same way, India will not change its adamant attitude and the only solution remains that India be wiped out and this could only be accomplished through waging Jehad," Abu Noman Saifullh Khalid vehemently said. He declared that Jehad in Kashmir was the beginning of the end for India and that the day was not far off when India would also be doomed like the defunct USSR.


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