July 2001 News

Bhat hopes India will allow APHC to meet Musharraf

8 July 2001
The News International

ISLAMABAD: Chairman, All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC), Abdul Gani Bhat has expressed the hope the Indian government will allow APHC leaders to meet President General Pervez Musharraf during his India visit. "I think this path leads to wisdom and being a wise man himself the Indian prime minister will not create any hurdle in this regard," the APHC chairman told BBC.Asked even though the Indian prime minister has refused to meet them, the APHC wants to meet President General Pervez Musharraf, the chairman said there is nothing wrong in doing so. "Until we did not talk to each other, we will not be able to level the ground for solution of the problems."If we want to make the talks process result-oriented, we can"t achieve this objective without participation of Kashmiris," he said. "We want a formal meeting and result-oriented talks to reach any end," he explained. Asked will the APHC formulate any strategy if not allowed by the Indian government to have a formal meeting with Musharraf he said, "I think this situation will not emerge. It should not emerge. Suppose if anything like this happens, the whole responsibility will be on India."Asked will the APHC accept a decision reached during the Indo-Pak summit, the chairman said a decision is not expected in the first meeting. However, if the leaders of Pakistan and India succeed to set a direction wherein the issue of Kashmir is going to be settled in a given time-frame, it will, of course, be a step forward and the APHC would definitely like to benefit from it.


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