July 2001 News

Detained militants term Musharraf as "traitor"

11 July 2001
The Daily Excelsior
Mohinder Verma

JAMMU: As the count-down has begun for the much hyped summit between Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf, there has been widespread resentment and anguish among the hardcore Pakistani militants detained in the different prisons of the Jammu and Kashmir State, against the Pakistani President. Highly placed sources in the high security Kot Bhalwal Jail, where large number of hardcore Pakistani and foreign mercenaries have been detained, said that as the date of Indo-Pak summit is coming closer the resentment and anguish among the Pakistani detenues against General Pervez Musharraf is brewing up for latter’s failure to include terrorists’ masters across the border in the talks. "Without our masters’ participation any talk between India and Pakistan would not bear any fruitful result and the Kashmir tangle continue to linger on and on", the sources quoted detained militants in Kot Bhalwal Jail as saying. Sources further disclosed that there has been widespread resentment among the detained hardcore militants against the Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf as the militants said that Musharraf has deceived their masters when the time of talks has come. "It were we, who spread "Jehad’ in every corner of the Kashmir valley and made security forces and civilians our targets for the "Aazadi’ of the Kashmir but when the time of talks has come our masters have been ignored by General Pervez Musharraf", one of the hardcore Pakistani militant detained since long said, adding nodoubt Pakistan has been helping our masters in different ways in our Jehad yet without our participation Kashmir imbroglio can not be solved. Sources as quoted by the militants said that General Pervez Musharraf should not accept nothing less than ‘Azadi’ for Kashmir as our many colleagues have lost their lives for what they called noble cause. Sources further said that detained militants are of the opinion that if Pakistan President would accept less that ‘Azadi’ their masters would continue Jihad till goal is achieved, adding the detenues are continuously praying for the failure of the talks between Vajpayee and Musharraf. "The militants don’t consider this summit as important and say that without their participation the exercise will be futile", the reliable sources said, adding their masters’ presence in any dialogue on Kashmir should be a must. Sources informed that almost all the detained militants are against this summit and terming Musharraf as ‘traitor’ of Jehad.


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