July 2001 News

Pakistan, India closer than ever to Kashmir solution

11 July 2001
The Dawn

WASHINGTON: Hurriyet leader Abdul Ghani Lone told a US newspaper on Tuesday that the Agra summit was the "closest the two countries have ever come to finding a solution to the Kashmir problem". Lone is quoted in Wednesday's Washington Times as saying, "Ever since India and Pakistan were partitioned in 1947, this is the closest the two countries have come to finding a solution to the Kashmir problem. I believe both leaders genuinely want to find a solution. However, it will go nowhere if they do not both come to the table with an open mind." He also said "There must be a dialogue between all concerned parties and the Hurriyet must be a part of that dialogue." The dispatch from Srinagar also quoted Indian academic Amitabh Mattoo as saying, "Real peace can be created not be dramatic gestures at meetings between top leaders, but by the power of intellectualism. Only through detailed agreements in peripheral areas that can be sustained over the long-run can cooperation be learned and institutionalised. Peace can only be achieved through pieces." Girish Saxena, Governor of Indian-held Kashmir, told the correspondent, "But violence is futile What we need from the upcoming meeting between the two leaders is a dialogue within realistic parameters."- APP


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