July 2001 News

Kashmir should be re-united or made independent: JKLF

12 July 2001
The Nation

Muzaffarabad: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has called upon the heads of the governments and political parties of India and Pakistan to agree to solve Kashmir issue on the basis of reunification and complete independence of the divided Jammu Kashmir State, the new State having friendly relations with both India and Pakistan and a democratic federal and secular system of government. In a joint letter to the heads of the governemts and main political parties of India and Pakistan, Amanullah Khan, Chairman JKLF, has said that all the addressees owed it to the future generations of the sub-continent to hand over to them a sub-continent in which they could live in peace, respect and prosperity. It was also in the best interest of the sub- continent and itís 1.3 billion people, the letter said, that India and Pakistan lived as two friendly neighbours helping and respecting and harming and degrading each other on naitonal and international level. The letter said that Kashmir issue was the main cause of continouus strain in India-Pakistan relations irreparably damaging the national interests of both. The Issue, the letter said has taken lives of hundreds of thousands of Indians, Pakistan and mainly of Kashmiris since 1947, besides destroying property worth hundreds of billions and that it was in the best interest of all the three to have the issue solved once for all practicable, must resolve this issue without hurting the national egos of India and Pakistan, without giving either of them a feeling of defeat, without harming their national ideologies and legitimate national interests and without causing further bloodshed, mass-migration and ethnic or communal disturbances. And above all, it should rid Kashmiris of the agony they have been in for the last half a century and should also rehabilitate their shattered pride and indertity. The only soulution that could fulfil all these basic conditions, the letter said, was that the divided Jammu Kashmir state be re-united and made a fully inderoendent State having friendly relations with both India and Pakistan and a democratic, and secular system of government. This solution of the issue, the letter said, would on one hand, rid India and Pakistan of the burden of unbearably heavy defence budgets and danger of nuclear war and, on the other hand, herald the dawn of a peaceful, respectful and prosperous future for both of them and Kahmir. Kashmri State now under their respective control.It hoped that India and Pakistan would not hesitate to offer such a small price and sacrifice for such a gigantic gain, and called upon the heads of their governments and political parties to do the needful to set the ball rolling during the forthcoming Summit, towards the reposed solution of Kashmir issue. The JKLF Chief called upon the governments and political parties on both sides of the divide in Kashmir to act as Kashmiri patriots instead of trying to prove more loyal than the king.


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