July 2001 News

Jammu observes bandh to protest Pakistan presidentís visit

14 July 2001
The Hindustan Times

Jammu: JAMMU TODAY observed a shut down to protest against the visit of General Pervez Musharraf. The response to the bandh was partial. Panun Kashmir and the Jammu Joint Students Federation (JJSF) gave the bandh call to focus Jammu's "anger over invitation to a man responsible for the death and destruction in Jammu and Kashmir". Business enterprises, with a few exceptions, remained closed in the old city. Public transport was thrown out of gear. There was also thin attendance in government offices. In the morning, JJSF activists forced shopkeepers to pull down their shutters and addressed meetings at many places. JJSF president Rajinder Singh Jamwal said that PM Vajpayee had not taken the sentiments of the people into consideration before going ahead with the summit.


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