July 2001 News

Only Jihad can resolve Kashmir

17 July 2001
The Dawn
Our Staff Reporter

LAHORE: The Tehrikul Mujahideen Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday said failure of the Agra talks had proved that jehad alone could resolve the Kashmir issue. It said the mujahideen would now intensify their operations. The Tehrik praised President Gen Pervez Musharraf for seeing through Indian ploys. It said inviting the Indian prime minister to Pakistan for talks was useless. Speaking at a news conference here, Sheikh Jamilur Rahman, the TMJK amir and Muttahida Jihad Council secretary general, recalled that he had predicted failure of the summit. He said Gen Musharraf had established himself as a sincere and courageous leader. Mr Rahman the mujahideen would avenge the massacre of Kashmiri people, violation of their women and damage to their property. He said no Indian city would be spared. He warned that after the failure of Agra talks India would hatch more conspiracies against Kashmiris. "We are ready to face all pressures," he declared. Mr Rahman said India did not dare attack Pakistan on account of mujahideen operations. The next year, he said, would be decisive for India. He said India would leave Kashmir only under pressure from the mujahideen. The talks, he said, had proved that the mujahideen were not a hurdle to a negotiated settlement of the Kashmir issue. The real hurdle in this regard was Indian intransigence. Mr Rahman urged the world powers to declare India a terrorist state and force it to stop atrocities against Kashmiris.


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