July 2001 News

Musharraf's stand on Kashmir draws wide appreciation

17 July 2001
The Frontier Post

Lahore: Millat Party President Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari said on Tuesday that President Pervez Musharraf's Indian visit should be seen as a success in the context of Pakistan's national interests."The visit can be termed a success in the Kashmir context as it has brought the issue to the fore in its actuality before the international community, Leghari said in the statement. "Also stands exposed is the Indian intransigence which has been revealed clearly as being behind New Delhi's inflexibility in solving the contentious dispute," said the former Pakistan President. He Leghari stressed that a dispute with a history of 50 years of wrangling can neither be solved in a solitary meeting nor by unilaterally changing a principled position such as that enumerated in the Lahore Declaration as has been done by India. Meanwhile,Mian Mahmud Kasur ,Vice President, Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam Group), has held hawks within the Indian cabinet responsible for the inconclusive talks at the Agra Summit. In a statement on Tuesday, he said oppressed and poverty stricken masses in both India and Pakistan were praying for the success of the summit but a very strong extremist lobby in India put paid to their optimism. He said the Agra summit has proved that the extremist lobby in India had prevented any agreement despite the best efforts of President Musharraf and Prime Minister Vajpayee who had agreed to a draft agreement after three days of marathon talks. The PML leader noted that Agra summit had also demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt that despite India's repeated references to Simla Accord, it was not even prepared in accept the existence of the Kashmir dispute. "Under such circumstances how could there be a dialogue on the issue on a bilateral basis which India had been demanding for years," he stated. President of Majlis Amal Tahaffuz Haqooq Ulema Karaam Mashaikh Azzam of Auqaf officials Qazi Muhammad Zamman Khan Abbasi and other ulema said this in their reaction regarding the Pak- India Summit. Qazi Muhammad Zamman said Pakistanis and all Muslims could be proud of the stance over Kashmir issue which the President of Pakistan boldly maintained throughout the Summit on the Indian soil. Chairperson Majlis Ulema Pakistan and former Kateeb Badshahi Mosque Allama Pir Dr. Mufti Syed Abdul Qaadir Azaad said the prestige of the nation increased due to President Musharraf's principled stand over the major issue of Kashmir. Allama Ahmed Shah Kazmi said the morale of the Kashmiri freedom fighters has gone up with Pakistan's support to the Kashmir cause during the Summit. A number of other Ulema and religious scholars said if the politicians had displayed the courage shown by General Pervez Musharraf in the face of the dubious and cowardly attitude of Hindu the Kashmir dispute would have not continued for such a long period. Those who expressed these sentiments included Allama Qari Muhammad Arif Sialvi, Maulana Ali Asgher Abbasi Khateeb Badshahi Masjid, Alhaj Pir Muhammad Usman Chistie, Alhaj Pir Syed Anwar Samdani Shah Gilani, Majlis-e-Amal RI division president Mufti Muhammad Malik Naqshbandi, president of Sargodha division Allama Abdur Rashid Rashid and many others.


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