July 2001 News

Kashmir should not be terrorist haven: Bush

26 July 2001
The Times of India

Washington DC: US President George W Bush has said he does not want to see Kashmir as a safe haven for insurgencies. In his speech before American troops in Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, Bush clubbed Kashmir with Kosovo saying that he wants neither place to be a safe haven for insurgencies. ''As we head into the 21st century, we must not allow difference to be a licence to kill, and vulnerability an excuse to dominate. We will pursue a world of tolerance and freedom. From Kosovo to Kashmir, from the Middle East to Northern Ireland, freedom and tolerance is the defining issue for our world,'' Bush said. ''But there is still a lot of work to do. Civil institutions must be put in place and made stronger. Organised crime must be brought under control. War criminals must face justice. Kosovo must not be a safe haven for insurgencies elsewhere,'' he said in the speech.


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